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About Us

Rooted in Charleston, South Carolina for many years, our founder, Jack Kahn started Jack's Pickleworks and dedicated his life to serving Kosher pickles to the Lowcountry. As a long time friend of Jack, Alexis Kong Van De Weil and her friend Nora joined the business in 1996 becoming a 3 person powerhouse team. We coined the phrase, "This is the pickle that Jack built, Alexis makes and Nora cuts!"

We expanded our product line as well to include other popular pickles & spices such as Kosher Dills & 1/2 Sour Pickles in different cuts and sizes. 

While we loved providing pickles to over 50 restaurants in the community, we wanted to reach everyone! In 1997, we collaborated with a local farmer at John's Island Farms and became more focused on Lowcountry Local Farmer's Markets.

We want you to enjoy not only the great flavor but the health benefits of pickles and love them as much as our motto, "Pickles Prepared to Please the Pickiest Palate"

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